1100A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter, 15000mAh Car Battery Jumper Starter, Auto Battery Booster Pack

1100A Peak Portable Car Jump Starter, 15000mAh Car Battery Jumper Starter, Auto Battery Booster Pack

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DOCA D589 Multi-Function Car Jump Starter

DOCA D589 is a powerful device that combines 3 different products:an external battery charger power bank, a car jump starter, and a LED flashlight into one compact design. This is a great device to have in a car especially one that is older with a battery that may be getting weak. Use this to jump start your car in a matter of seconds for multiple times if full charged. It is an external battery power bank to charge cell phones and tablets, and others like like laptops, camares, GPS units and portable gaming systems etc. This car jump starter has built-in super-bright LED flashlight which has 3 illumination modes, a flash light when you are in the dark, a strobe light to attract attention, and a SOS signal flash that will last up to 120 hours on a full charge. The car jump starter got one 5V/2A port to charge all cellphones, and one extra 12V/16V/19V output to charge most laptops.

DOCA Smart Cable Mobile Power Bank Battery Charger Emergency Kit

Multiple Uses:

SOS Light - If you are outdoors camping and find yourself in an emergency situation you can use the SOS signal light strobe to attract attention

LED Light - to use as a torch with the built-in LED torch light function

A smart gadget equipped with DOCA AI charging technology

With exclusive circuit design, the gadget is equipped with the latest DOCA AI charging technology. It can intelligently identify your devices and provide the fastest charging way

DOCA Car Jump Starter Specifications


Battery Real Capacity: 15000mA;

Product Input: 15V/1A;

Product Output:5V-2A; 12V/16V/ 19V-3A ;

Starting current: 900A ;

Peak current: 1100A ;

Built-in LED emergency light with 3 light modes;  

Complete charging Time: 3 Hours ;

Operating temperature:-40℃-60℃;

Product List:

Main product*1

1+4 Charger Cable*1

Laptop connectors*1

A/C adapter*1

15V Car Adapter*1

Jumper cable with battery clamps*1

User manual*1

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